Austin Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of customised dump truck bodies, buckets, and ancillary products used in the mining industry, EDEM simulation software is a key tool used by Austin Engineering to model and virtually test the design of their truck bodies to durability and performance.

The company designs and manufactures some of the world’s leading truck bodies for use in off-highway environments. Each site where its equipment is deployed is different and Austin Engineering has to customise its designs for each client to cope with the local environmental challenges and meet productivity requirements.

Austin Engineering deploys EDEM in combination with ANSYS software to evaluate each of its truck body designs. EDEM, with its realistic material simulation, provides engineers with accurate pressure distributions of material acting on equipment. Using EDEM add-in for ANASY Workbench, these loads are used as inputs into structural and fatigue analysis in ANSYS Mechanical.

The EMEM add-in for ANSYS Workbench enables Austin Engineering to improve the durability and performance of each truck body design. The realistic material loads from EDEM significantly improve accuracy, compared to traditional approaches and mean truck body designs, are strong, efficient and performs in a range of operating conditions.