Atlas Copco previewed a new package of upgrades to its Boomer underground mining and tunneling rigs at MINExpo in Las Vegas, Septmber 24-26. The entire package of upgrades and improvements will be applied to all new computerised Boomer rigs beginning in the second quarter of 2013.

The new series, which is represented at MINExpo by the Boomer M2 C, is characterised by simplicity, user-friendliness and safety.

The series offers an upgraded control system with a user-friendly interface, a larger
(15-in), intuitive touch screen, just two multi-functional joysticks instead of four, and the latest rig support planning software – Underground Manager.

Features and benefits

The Boomer rigs can be equipped with up to four booms providing a coverage area of 16-208 m2, and the most extensive range of high performance rock drills on the market (16-30 kW) designed to tackle most rock types and drilling conditions.

Comments from the Product Manager

Johan Jonsson, Product Manager at Atlas Copco’s Underground Rock Excavation division, explains: "The new Boomer combines all the benefits of Boomer technology together with a wide range of new features and functionality to meet any challenge that miners may face.

"With these improvements, we are confident that the new Boomer series offers one of the most powerful and productive underground mining rigs and tunneling rigs on the market."

Jonsson also adds that the new series satisfies the increasing demand for automation as well as documentation of all drilling operations.

Comfortable and environmental

Operator comfort, safety and environmental care also get priority. For example, the FOPS/-ROPS certified cabins are air-conditioned and ergonomically designed featuring the latest operator seat and controls. In the drill rig, the operator is in focus. The operator should feel good in order to make a good job with high productivity. The large 3- and 4-boom rigs offer a new improved and more ergonomic chair for the operator. The arm rests have a flat design with just two multi-functional joysticks instead of four.

This eases and speeds up the work for the operator. Depending on the rig type, you can choose to operate the rig from a standing position or sitting position. Carbon emissions have also been reduced to a minimum as the diesel engines are needed for moving the rigs around the site while electricity is used for drilling. Furthermore, stage 3B/Tier4i engines and biodegradable hydraulic oils are offered as options.

Underground Manager

Underground Manager is a new Windows™ based software package designed to be used in conjunction with Atlas Copco’s range of intelligent underground drilling equipment. The new software incorporates functions that were previously separated into individual products, such as Tunnel Manager for face drilling and Ore Manager for long-hole drilling. Underground Manager also introduces functions and features that were not previously supported, such as blast design and blast simulation. Other features such as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) file import/export will allow users of the software greater flexibility in such areas as drill plan design. It contains a new drill plan generator, complete 3D view of the tunnel, smart interpolation of contours and improved logging and reporting functions.

The new Boomer rigs will be available via Atlas Copco’s own worldwide sales organisation from 2013 and can of course also be used for tunneling work in civil construction.