Mine Radio Systems (MRS), global designer and manufacturer of communication systems to increase owners and operator’s safety, productivity and profitability in the mining and tunnelling industries, has successfully installed its Centrian and Helian systems in eight mines in Brazil and Peru. “MRS has had an extremely strong presence for the last 25 years in South America, specifically Brazil, Peru and Chile. It’s one of our most productive and growing regions and is continuing to show why with the increase in mine communication and safety requirements,” said Ken Morrell, president of MRS.

MRS Centrain high-speed data connectivity system along with its Helian underground safety and monitoring system have became the systems of choice for advanced asset monitoring, tracking, real-time data acquisition and safety implementation for many operators in South America. “This is nothing new to us; our technology is designed specifically to meet the operator’s level of need while increasing their productivity, safety and profitability immediately,” said Ken Morrell.

With the installations underway at Corrego do Sitio, Lamego, Fortaleza, Vazante,
Turmalina, Pilar, and Carbonifera Metroplitana in Brazil and in mines in Peru, MRS continues to show why its communication and safety solutions are second to none. “We’re told quite frequently our systems are superior to everyone else’s. It’s a fact!
We have systems in mines that have been there for over 15 years. MRS works with its clients providing them the knowledge, support, systems and service to make the best decisions to suit their requirements 100%” Patrick Waye, chairman of MRS.

MRS Centrian (CMTS) solution works seamlessly with the MRS Helian underground safety solution for monitoring personnel and other assets using RFID technology and MRS management software. The cable modems provide advanced access to voice over IP, video over IP, and Ethernet data applications for control and monitoring of pumps, fans, sensors and hand held communications devices.

The Centrian (CMTS) solution provides operators with real-time mission critical data transfer from assets and machinery that are underground using unrivalled internet capabilities. MRS Helian underground safety solution works seamlessly with its INsite® software providing extra layers of safety and support to operators.
The Helian solution includes the Helian Personnel Transponder (HPT) and the Helian Search Unit, together providing the most advanced safety technology for locating trapped personnel.

MRS maintains a commitment to the development of technologies that enhance the value of existing communication infrastructures for mining and tunnelling. Through this development and implementation, MRS leads the way in establishing communication and safety networks through the use of Underground Intelligence.
MRS features revolutionary innovations in underground communication systems, and hosts an array of solutions under the FLEXCOM, MultiCOM, INsite®, Helian,
Solarian and Centrian brands. Our latest innovations include the Helian
underground safety system and the Solarian personnel and vehicle detection system used for safe underground navigation.

MRS’ industry leadership position and technology innovation is driven by strong management and development professionals with an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards of excellence in quality, service and support. This world-class team of managers and developers has a proven history of executive leadership in all areas of underground intelligence, including the design and production of industry standard products, solutions and components. With over 400 installations at mining and tunnelling sites in over 50 countries, MRS’ world-class network of clients and partners proves to be the standard for success.