Many of the Voith Turbo customers already know which benefits the TVVS soft-start coupling offers to their drive systems. On this subject, you can now download or order a new brochure from our website.

The TVVS coupling is the most sophisticated, constant-fill fluid coupling in our product range. Apart from its classic application – the smooth acceleration of belt conveyors – the TVVS soft-start coupling is also predestined for drives with demanding and difficult operating conditions. Its high thermal capacity and heat dissipation offer a maximum in operating safety and reliability.

Another Genial Characteristic:

The TVVS soft-start coupling optimally adapts the torque that is being introduced during the start-up to the prevailing load condition – and all this fully automatically, without external intervention without modification of the filling level of the coupling, but solely because of the hydrodynamic characteristics of the coupling.