An upgrade to the processing capability at Elford quarry to include a modular washing plant from CDE Global has resulted in a significant increase in the value of the products being produced. The level of demand for the recycled sand and aggregate products suggests that C&D recycling plants offer a real solution to a diminishing supply of virgin material in the UK.

JPE Aggregates has operated from Elford since 2005 when they purchased the site from Hanson. The business model that JPE Aggregates operate involves purchasing sites coming towards the end of their operating license and processing the materials that remain on site while also focusing on ensuring successful restoration of the site.

The ultimate test of success for the new wash plant is the demand for the final products and JPE Aggregates are very happy with the results in the first two months of operation. “We have enjoyed significant demand for both the recycled sand and aggregate products from the new plant,” says Steven Birch. “Many of our customers have commented that the quality of material is extremely pleasing particularly when they see the nature of the material with which we are feeding the plant.”

Given the increasing frequency of reports on the problems with supply of virgin sand and aggregates in the UK market the investment in the new processing plant by JPE Aggregates would appear to be very timely. A recent report from BDS on this very issue highlighted the Midlands region of the UK as an area where volumes of extracted virgin materials were not sufficient to satisfy demand for material in the region over the coming years.

“The advancements that have been made in the development of effective C&D recycling systems in recent years offer a real solution to this supply problem,” says Steven Birch. “Our investment in this new wash plant is a response to this developing situation and puts JPE Aggregates in a very strong position to ensure construction projects in the region can guarantee supply of high quality sand and aggregates from a very sustainable source.”

Following processing of the materials left on site at Elford quarry and completion of restoration work the CDE wash plant will be moved to a new site. “We have around two years left at Elford and then we will move this wash plant to a new site where it will be set to work on similar material,” explains John Hale. “Mobility was a key factor for us when purchasing this plant as this was always our intention and the modular nature of the CDE washing plant allows for the plant to be easily transported.”

CDE recently hosted a successful open week at Elford quarry and have announced a second event at the site will be hosted from 7th to 10th June.