For the second time the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG was awarded a ‘Reliable Company’ certificate.

The ceremony of presenting the ‘Reliable Company’ certificates took place on the 17 February 2011 in the Governor’s Office of Silesia in Katowice. Aleksandra Gajewska-Przydryga – the deputy Speaker of the Province of Silesia and Zbigniew Lukaszczyk – the governor of Silesia presented the certificate to Bozena Bojko, DSc – EMAG’s deputy manager for cooperation and commercialisation.

The ‘Reliable Company’ Business-Consumer Program promotes organizations which follow the rules of ethics and honesty and fulfill their commitments in a reliable manner and on time. Additionally, the Program promotes companies that are responsible to their environment and operate in compliance with the regulations of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The ‘Reliable Company’ certificates are granted to organizations which voluntarily subject themselves to three-step verification by experts, consumers and business partners.

This year’s edition was already the 9th in the history of the program and the record one as far as the number of granted awards is concerned (in the region of Silesia 49 organizations were awarded, the biggest number in Poland).
The patronage of the program is held by the European Commission Representation in Poland.