The Nordic countries’ largest machine fair, MaskinExpo, at Barkaby Airport was held on 19 to 21 May. Again noted new visitor record. 32,000 people visited the fair during the three days. Gävle-based BNT was one of the exhibitors.

BNT is one of the leading suppliers of spare and wear parts for mining and construction industries worldwide. They went to MaskinExpo armed to the teeth with large crusher mantles, jaw plates and with high hopes of doing business.

“We had an incredible number of visitors to our stand, both Swedish and international. Among other things, from all Nordic countries, Russia and even as far away as from Korea,” says Stefan Nilsson, CEO BNT.

The greatest interest was shown for the new product line Conveyer Parts i.e. parts of conveyors. “Simply put, one can say that carriers of the enormous machinery that transports all materials previously crushed and then screened,” says Stefan. The goal with conveyor parts is to become the marketleader within three years, he continues.

BNT was established in 2001 and has for years been the biggest challenger to Sandvik and Metso. Following the recent trend BNT can now compete with both products and solutions under the same conditions as both Sandvik and Metso. BNT has taken the leap into the world through its unique franchise concept and is represented in, for example, Scandinavia, Russia, Hungary, Romania and China through their own companies and agents. During the expo, beginning talks about a BNT in Portugal and the hope is great about the deal to go through.

“It would of course be much fun if we could add Portugal on the list. We’re working on it anyway,” says Stefan.