Micronics manufacturers of filter presses, filter plates, and filter cloths used for gold, silver, and mineral processing in the mining industry, has been awarded a $14 million contract to provide LASTA MC filter presses to a North American mining partner. With the LASTA MC presses, the mine will begin processing 10,000t/d with short term plans to increase to 30,000t/d – a 200% increase in production.

The LASTA MC filtration process includes the removal of cyanide and a 99% residual gold recovery from the filter cake before tailings disposal. This new dewatering process is expected to yield greater returns for the mine; expansion will be completed in 2011. Micronics has already supplied a $1.5 million contract to the mine for Merrill Crowe process using semi-automatic filters and is negotiating a long-term technical relationship.

“Ishigaki has a strong reputation in the mining market with their LASTA MC filter presses,” said Barry Hibble, President of Micronics. “With the addition of the LASTA presses, the mine will be able to greatly add to its processing. To process 10,000t/d is good; to increase that to 30,000t is extraordinary. By partnering with Ishigaki, we’ve been able to expand our product line and related services further into the global mining market and into other industries as well, including chemicals and waste remediation.”

Ishigaki Company, from Tokyo, Japan, partnered with Micronics in 2009 to supply their range of filter presses, which includes the Ishigaki LASTA MC, the largest capacity filter press in the world. A completely automated filter press, the LASTA MC offers shorter cycle times and a high tonnage processing capability – while reducing costs.

LASTA MC presses also generate low cake moistures that reduce or eliminate drying requirements. With its innovative features, the LASTA MC has been incorporated into the existing Micronics dewatering product range, which includes sidebar, overhead and vacuum assisted filter presses.

With more than 100 global installations, the LASTA MC filter press provides reliable and robust high performance slurry dewatering primarily to the mining and process industries.