PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems will be represented with its own booth (1055) at the MINExpo in Las Vegas from September 22 to 24, 2008. Under the motto: “The world’s richest deposit of Mining Technology, Services and Products”, more than 1,100 exhibitors are expected at the fair’s 56,000m² of exhibition space in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The MINExpo is held just once every four years and is considered to be one of the industry’s most important fairs.

PHOENIX’s presentation focuses on the subjects of eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. The new PHOENOCORD® ST 10,000 in particular proves to be especially innovative in this regard. The strong steel cord conveyor belt is used primarily in what are called downhill conveyors. The advantage of this application is that the downhill motion not only transports material but generates electricity as well. The belt is used mainly in copper mining and wherever very course material is conveyed over extreme differences in altitude and long distances.

“The steel cord conveyor belt can withstand extreme loads: five fully-loaded A380 airbuses could be hung on a two meter wide belt of this type and it would not tear. Thanks to this load capacity, longer conveyors are possible instead of several shorter conveyors,” explains Bernd Küsel, sales director at PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems. “This reduces the level of investments.”

With the PHOENOCORD ST 10,000, so far unmatched center distances of the conveyor system are possible. The belt is roughly 45mm thick and is constructed using 16mm steel cord. With this belt, PHOENIX is continuing its decade-long market leadership in the field of extremely strong conveyor belts.

Another highlight of the PHOENIX booth is the world’s longest closed conveyor belt – a PHOENOPIPE® ST 2500. “The closed belt keeps material from being lost along the entire length of the conveyor,” explains Küsel. “In addition, the PHOENOPIPE does not require transfer stations which would pollute the environment and subject the belt to extra wear.”

A unique feature of the PHOENOPIPE steel cord belt is its PHOENOTEC reinforcement. It greatly ups the restoring force, and thus the trackability, of the conveyor belt. The closed conveyor belt’s main advantage over a troughed belt is its suitability for rough terrains. A closed belt can maneuver tight curves. The material conveyed is protected from wind and rain. This means, in turn, that the environment is also protected from the material.

PHOENIX is also showcasing the high-strength UNIFLEX® PVG textile belt. The belt is exceptionally robust and was designed especially for mining. The PVC-impregnated carcass and 2.5mm to 6mm thick rubber covers provide the outstanding heavy-duty characteristics. The belt already satisfies the much more stringent safety requirements planned for the USA.