CiDRA Corporation proudly announces that SONARtrac Flow Monitoring Systems with FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ have successfully completed interoperability testing and are now officially registered with the Fieldbus Foundation. SONARtrac systems are now available with a choice of MODBUS® or FOUNDATION Fieldbus™, in addition to 4-20mA current outputs with HART®, providing multiple options for integration into customer control systems. All SONARtrac Flow Monitoring Systems are available with Class I Division 2, or ATEX Class I Zone 2 hazardous area certifications. These certifications allow CiDRA to address customer needs in oil and gas, oil sands refining, chemical processing, and other hazardous area applications around the globe.

“The addition of FOUNDATION Fieldbus will enable our customers to further leverage the existing data and functionality resident in the SONARtrac flow and entrained air/gas transmitter to enhance value-added information on demand, ” said Mike Sapack, Vice President of Engineering at CiDRA.

CiDRA’s SONARtrac Flow Monitoring System addresses long-standing needs of the industry from both a technical and an economic perspective. SONARtrac systems are capable of providing multi-variable measurements, such as volumetric flow, speed of sound, and entrained air/gas, in a wide variety of fluid regimes – liquids, gases, slurries, and multiphase fluids. These systems are robust, full bore clamp-on solutions and scalable to large pipe diameters. This means that there is no restriction to the flow, no need to cut the pipe and therefore no process downtime or disruption during installation. The SONARtrac flowmeter enables reliable and accurate measurement of aggressive liquids.