Watson-Marlow’s new 620 series pump offers exceptional levels of performance, accuracy and output for the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It features a choice of drives, a choice of pumpheads, PIN process protection and minimal downtime.

The new 620 series represents the next generation in medium sized peristaltic pumps. With the new 620 range, Watson-Marlow is introducing market-leading flow rates with pumphead speeds that won’t compromise tube life. Nick White, Product Manager for Watson-Marlow comments. "We have built upon the success of our existing 520 series to bring together power and control in a compact and robust IP66 washdown package. By extending the performance we can now reliably deliver 61% more flow; a single 620RE pumphead is capable of 18 litre/min and pressures up to 4 bar with an unrivalled control ratio of 2650:1.”

Watson-Marlow’s 620 series offers four drives providing a range of performance levels. These range from the 620S, a standard IP31 and IP66 rated pump with manual control, the 620Di which is a specialist dosing pump delivering precision dispensing and the top of the range pump within the series, the 620Du, offering exclusive functionality such as automatic analogue and RS485 digital control.

The 620Du delivers manual control via the unique 16-key alpha-numeric keypad which not only offers direct entry of drive speed but also enables the operator to quickly and easily configure the pump to suit their application. Watson-Marlow’s unique PIN secure process protection feature means that the pump set-up can then be safe-guarded by 2 levels of PIN security.

The flow rate and the speed range settings can also be altered to suit the users specific needs. For general biotech use, such as purification, the speed range can be capped to prevent accidental damage to delicate filters. In sensitive processes such as fermentation, the keypad functionality can be disabled to avoid any inadvertent changes to the pump settings.

"The security of PIN protection has been extremely well received by our industrial customers, particularly where the pumps are likely to be installed in remote locations" Nick White commented.

In addition to the PIN feature, the 620 series comes with Watson-Marlow’s patented LoadSureTM technology to ensure rapid tube loading. LoadSureTM tubing elements (tubing and industry standard connectors), bring huge benefits over traditional diaphragm, impeller and lobe pumps. A pump tube element change-over now takes less than one minute, and the operator does not need to be a specialist pump fitter. Changing the element can be accomplished in five easy steps: open pumphead door, click roller in, replace LoadSureTM element, click roller out, close and finish.

Peristaltic pumps are elegant in their simplicity. In a tube pump an advancing roller squeezes or occludes the tube until it is fully closed. It then moves the squeeze point along, drawing fluid along behind as the tube recovers its shape and creates a partial vacuum, until the following roller occludes the tube and pushes the pocket of fluid in to the delivery line as the first roller releases.