PHOENIX Process Equipment offers its model GS jig for separating lighter weight, deleterious materials from gravel. The equipment produces high quality gravel over a wide range in raw material quality.

The model GS gravel separator uses proven, precise, air-pulsed jigging technology to effectively separate wood, lignite, clay, shale and other deleterious materials from gravel. Features include easy adjustment for adapting to changing feedstock, compact design to save valuable space and low investment cost to free up capital for other projects.

PHOENIX Process Equipment has been a leader in aggregate fines recovery and water recycle systems for over 20 years. PHOENIX provides systems for fines separation, thickening, dewatering and separating deleterious materials from aggregates.

Equipment includes:

  • HG separators for mechanical separation and dewatering of fines
  • HiFlo™ and Ultrasep™ thickeners for fines slurry thickening, volume reduction and water clarification
  • WX belt filter presses for thickened slurry dewatering
  • GS jigs for deleterious materials separation from gravel
  • The HS HYDROSORT™ for sand classification and/or deleterious material separation

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