MICA IL-60EM VAC, designed and manufactured in Finland by Mica Elektro Oy Ltd, is an effective hand lamp equipped with safety lighting function. The safety feature means that the flashlight turns on during a power failure to illuminate a designated area. Effective safety lighting is used to protect property in stores, secure safety of machinery and illuminate passageways, for example. In addition to this special function, MICA IL-60EM VAC can be used normally as an effective flashlight.

Advanced electronics control half/full power of the halogen bulb, protect the battery from deep discharge and issue a warning for low charge of the battery by flashing the beam of light. Three different reflectors and special lenses enable a beam of light suitable for all applications. Illumination time of MICA IL-60 with a halogen bulb can be up to 12 hours! The flashlight boasts incomparable electronics, versatile functions and a robust structure.

MICA ILC-VAC charger can be installed in such a manner that the beam of light from the flashlight in the stand will illuminate a desired target in case of a power failure. The stand can be attached to a normal power outlet or directly to electrical system of a facility. Naturally, MICA IL-60EM VAC does not replace safety lighting systems for emergency exits: instead, it complements these systems.