Watson-Marlow Bredel has launched three new IP66-rated pumps to satisfy the requirements of the toughest processing industries. The result of several years design work and customer research, the new 520 series of peristaltic pumps provides unrivalled levels of accuracy, reliability and control for the harshest operating environments. Incorporating high-powered, brushless DC motors and die cast polyester-coated cases, the new 520 series pumps have been designed to excel where maximum durability and safety is sought

Generating a flow rate of between 4µl and 3.5 litre/min, the 520 pumps have a set speed accuracy of 0.1% and can be calibrated by weight or volume for accurate metering. Logical to program and easy to manage, the pumps provide user feedback via the pump’s own display and have dual analogue input to control and scale speed. For the first time, the 520 series provides industry with a '"drop-in" alternative for diaphragm or piston pumps with variable stroke control.

Watson-Marlow’s impressive new pumps are available with three drive configurations. All models in the range feature an auto-restart function, and a 'max’ key for rapid priming and purging. The 520UN/R2 facilitates remote/auto operation, incorporates pump-status outputs and can be password protected. For full industrial connectivity, the 520DuN/R2 possesses both analogue and RS485-network options for control PLC.

Every aspect of pump management demanded by industrial processes is covered and aggressive fluids such as sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride or nitric acid, or delicate substances like polymers and flavourings can be handled with ease.

Richard Green, 520 product manager at Watson-Marlow Bredel, commented; "The new 520 pumps have controls that are 'best in class’. The software is fully protected and has alarm outputs, offering engineers security and confidence in the toughest chemical or water treatment environments”.

The new 520 IP66 pumps provide cost-effective metering, whilst minimising maintenance requirements and associated costs of ownership due to their non-contacting, self-priming and safe dry running peristaltic pumping action.