The JAMA product family has been extended with a new member, the JAMA TMB 420. Like the rest of the red coloured JAMA machines, the JAMA TMB 420 is optimised for the tough demands of the mining industry.

The JAMA TMB 420 is designed for flexible utility drilling, boulder drilling, dowel hole drilling, drilling for reinforcement bars and for construction drilling. The equipment is mounted on a carrier, for example a wheel loader, excavator or tractor. The hydraulic system of the carrier is used for operation of all drilling functions.

Mounting and dismantling of the low-weight JAMA TMB 420 is quick and easy, which enables the operator to use the same machine for different purposes, such as drilling, excavation and loading.

All control and manoeuvring is conducted from the cabin, allowing the operator to benefit from a dust and noise-free environment, filtered air conditioning and an ergonomic working position (depending on type of carrier). Since the operator stays safely in the cabin while the equipment is in operation, the risk for industrial injuries is decreased.