In anticipation to the effects of the global financial crisis and the economic recession, Colibrys has decided to seize the opportunity to accelerate the restructuring of its business. As a consequence, most of the manufacturing operations based in Stafford (TX), US, will be closed down and merged with the Swiss manufacturing capabilities.

To be able to integrate both of these activities in one location, the manufacturing base in Neuchatel, Switzerland has been expanded to accommodate manufacture of all seismic products on a new 6in line. Supply of all high end accelerometers and seismic MEMS sensor components will be ensured in future from this facility.

Some 20 people from the seismic product development and application team, headed by Arjun
Selvakumar, VP product development will remain in Stafford (TX), US.

No impact should be visible to Colibrys numerous customers, distributors or partners, who should benefit longer term from this new organization. Worldwide supply of parts should not be affected and all open and future purchase orders will be redirected through Colibrys (Switzerland).