John Meunier, subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in

Little did John Meunier know, when he founded the company bearing
his name in June 1948, that it would be celebrating 60 years of existence and grow to become an important part of the Veolia Water Systems and Technology family of companies. His son, Gabriel Meunier, lead John Meunier between 1974 and 1998 and introduced wastewater and drinking water technologies into the company.

Initially, John Meunier catered to a local business base, interested in pumps and swimming pool equipment. Today, John Meunier is active throughout the North American continent, providing state-of-the-art drinking water, wastewater and stormwater technologies to municipal and industrial clients.

“Technological innovation is the key to success – the same drive for innovation and new technologies exists today as it
did 60 years ago,” says Gilles Filion, Chairman of the Board of John Meunier.”

Over the last 60 years, John Meunier has brought many innovations
to the forefront on the Canadian water treatment business and has been able to capitalize on the R&D efforts of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies.

The following is a sample of these innovative processes and technologies that John Meunier has been able to introduce in its technological offer:

  • Escalator Bar screen: innovative perforated fine screen for solids removal in headworks of wastewater treatment plants
  • FluidSep vortex separator: part of the complete line of Hydrovex®
    stormwater treatment equipment
  • ACTIFLO: unique ballasted flocculation physico-chemical treatment
    that is a breakthrough technology in the water treatment field
  • BIOSTYR: compact biologically aerated filtration technology for the treatment of urban wastewater
  • Instrumentation and chemical dosing systems: complete range of
    products with state-of-the-art technology
  • Automation and SCADA: complete software programming service
    for the control systems of drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Membrane systems: solid/liquid separation processes using
    membrane technologies

Throughout the history of the company, John Meunier Inc. has been
manufacturing and assembling its state-of-the art technology in Canada, in its 4500m² production shop, in Ville St-Laurent. ‘We are proud to have been able to keep our production and manufacturing local while at the same time being able to expand our geographical presence and outreach to the whole continent,” explains Gilles Filion.

The importance to quality manufacturing was recognized and promoted early in the process by senior management. Future of John Meunier Inc.

Still going strong after 60 years of existence, bringing innovation to the water and wastewater market is still at the heart of the strategy of John Meunier.

When asked about the latest addition to the John Meunier portfolio of technologies, the President of John Meunier, Yvan Liegey, answers: “The MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) from Anox/Kaldnes, acquired by Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies in August 2007, is a patented fixed film technology used for the biological treatment of urban and industrial wastewater. We think that the strong know-how and experience of Anox/Kaldnes (with more than 400 references) will bring a lot of added value to the Canadian wastewater market. You’ ll probably hear lot more about that technology in 2008,” he adds with a smile.