Conveyor systems in mining applications are reaching higher and higher outputs. On the one hand, this makes increasing demands on materials and functionality, and on the other, plant engineers request detailed information on the anticipated start-up behavior already during the project stage.

Voith TurboSim is a simulation tool for the evaluation of drivelines with hydrodynamic couplings. This applies especially to belt conveyors. Voith TurboSim simulates the actual operating torque and consequently serves as a basis for dynamic plant calculations. The software program allows the computer-supported design of fluid couplings, provides higher planning safety, reduces operating risks, and helps with the evaluation of output reserves.

These early-stage evaluations offer project engineers more scope for deciding which drive is the most suited. They increase planning safety, from projecting to commissioning and operation. They also show possible effects on the functionality of the entire system. Here, the program resorts to the database, containing product details from case studies and test series. The processing of these data sets during the project stage allows secure statements regarding the anticipated operating conditions of the fluid coupling in the driveline.

With the help of TurboSim, plant engineers receive realistic characteristic curves of the fluid coupling for plant calculations, namely torque values that might occur at any time in dependence on the speed of the belt conveyor. On the basis of assessable program results, the introduction of force into the belt, as well as other plant components, can be optimized, resulting in possible cost optimizations.