The Voith type TPKL family of fill-controlled fluid couplings (turbo couplings) has a new addition: the alignment-free version (TPKL-T) is Voith Turbo’s response to demand from users who want an alignment-free drive solution. Since the market introduction in 1998, the Voith TPKL series of couplings have a proven history of performance and reliability.

Voith type TPKL-T fill-controlled fluid couplings are fed by an external oil supply system. The oil supply system is located near the drive assembly and utilizes several flexible hydraulic hoses for easy assembly and connection to the TPKL-T housing and oil cooler. This allows optimum placement of the oil supply system and associated electrical components. This results in good accessibility around the drive.

The actual drive, made up of the motor, Voith TPKL-T fluid coupling and gearbox, is centrally supported using a standard torque-arm support below the drive. This means that not only the Voith fluid coupling, but the entire drive can easily be attached to and detached from the drive pulley on-site.

The first 12 drives with this new ‘tunnel design’ are being installed in a mine in south-west Pennsylvania, USA, which produces in excess of ten million tons of coal. A follow-up contract for a further 32 Voith TPKL-T fluid couplings has already been announced; the mine wants to use the tunnel design as a standard design on all new belt drives. Meanwhile, other mining companies have expressed interest in the benefits of the Voith TPKL-T fluid coupling, and are considering this drive design for their future conveying requirements.

The successful basic model, the Voith type TPKL fluid coupling, was specially developed as a compact drive solution for belt conveyors and has been used on every continent since its launch in 1998. The TPKL series has been installed in over 250 drives with a power range up to 250 kW at 1500 rpm or up to 430 kW at 1800 rpm. In addition, over 150 drives are in operation with a power range of up to 500 kW at 1500 rpm or 860 kW at 1800 rpm. Since it was first launched, the series has been supplemented to enable Voith turbo couplings featuring fill control technology to be used on belt conveyors with an individual drive power of 2400 kW (1200 rpm) or 4700 (1500 rpm).

Voith type TPKL fluid couplings have proven their quality, durability, and reliability many times over in real applications. They are extremely robust and provide high availability, which has contributed to increased production in many mines. References span the globe – from Australia and South Africa to Spitzbergen and the USA. To meet special customer requirements, Voith Turbo offers versions with reduced height and an external tank, to enable use on a wide range of foundations and base frames. Space and adaptability play a crucial role, particularly when it comes to retrofit solutions.