With the new friction turbo coupling TurboSyn, Voith Turbo has succeeded in increasing the economy of single drives and utilizing the potential for energy savings.

With this new fluid coupling, the nominal slip for which fluid couplings are renowned has been eliminated.

For the operation of mills, this means for example lower energy requirements and outputs increased by approximately three percent – for fans even up to ten percent. As a result, the annual throughput increases considerably.

The new Voith Turbo fluid coupling combines the existing advantages of a hydrodynamic coupling with a new principle that has been patented worldwide. The hydrodynamic advantages which are so important for the start-up procedure, e. g. motor protection and smooth acceleration of the driven machine, are retained, while nominal operation now takes place without slip.

The basic design of the TurboSyn is similar to that of a standard Voith fluid coupling. The inner wheel consists, however, of pivoting segments which are attached to the hub in a rotary fashion. As soon as a certain speed has been reached, the segments radially swivel to the outside and create a friction connection between inner wheel and coupling shell. As a result, the differing speeds of outer and inner part are synchronized and a direct connection between input and output is realized. The TurboSyn is a compact coupling which does not need a control system in order to protect the system against overload – this is done by the coupling itself.

The actual size of the coupling has remained unchanged and the components correspond to that of a standard coupling. As a result, the coupling is also excellently suited for retrofits. First practical experiences have already been gained. For nearly a year now, a TurboSyn coupling type 750 TV-Syn has been operating trouble-free in the drive of a coal mill in Frimmersdorf power station.