A performance monitoring system for ABB drives has been launched by ABB. The system optimizes service and maintenance costs over the drives lifecycle and reduces the incidence of costly emergency repairs.

DriveMonitor™ is a diagnostic system featuring a hardware module inside the drive with software that automatically collects and analyses selected drive signals and parameters, helping early diagnosis. The module can monitor the performance of both the drive and the driven machinery. Process performance is optimized by gathering long-term statistics. As experts can gain access to the drive remotely, DriveMonitor also helps cut maintenance costs by reducing on-site work.

The system continuously monitors the status of the drive and responds with predefined diagnostic actions, such as data collection, processing and reporting when changes occur. Trigger events can be unexpected drive stoppages, alarms or parameter changes. This data can be extremely useful when seeking to determine the root cause of an event.
With extra diagnostic packages, DriveMonitor can also monitor other drive system components, such as main circuit breaker, transformer and the driven machine. Special packages related to the application, such as rolling mills, water pumps and compressors, can be integrated into the system.

DriveMonitor also runs diagnostic routines that are useful in any plant-level asset management scheme. This includes saving the content of data loggers and monitoring predefined signals and parameters after drive restart, as well as continuous monitoring of pre-selected signals and parameters. Performance indicators and alarms are calculated according to customized rules, with comprehensive status reports provided.

Service contracts with remote monitoring are available from ABB. This includes monitoring the drive through DriveMonitor from a remote computer, using an encrypted internet connection. For safety reasons, drive operation from the remote computer is not possible.

In 2008, ABB received the Excellence in Condition Monitoring of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan for the innovative DriveMonitor maintenance tool. Frost & Sullivan congratulated ABB for being the “foremost company in the world electric drives market to develop such a unique customer support system.” This annual award is presented to the company that has demonstrated excellence by successfully offering a highly focused product for efficient monitoring of assets. Frost & Sullivan is a world leader in technology and industry research.