Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh Networks and provider of pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Vislink Services a global Total Solutions Integrator, specializing in the provision of Lifecycle Services across multiple industries – including broadband solutions for the mining industry.

Through the relationship, Vislink will integrate Rajant BreadCrumb® wireless, portable mesh networking nodes and InstaMesh software with other best-of-breed technologies to address the unique challenges of its mining clients.

Following a successful pilot program, Vislink Services is now deploying Rajant technology on a much larger scale in a multi-application environment for one of its mining clients. Leveraging Rajant BreadCrumbs® and InstaMesh software along with its own expertise in antenna technology, Vislink is creating high-bandwidth, dynamic mesh networks connecting geographically-dispersed mine equipment with command and control centers.

The applications include a timecard function, VoIP communications to supplement two-way radios in the mine, multi-point machine health monitoring for drag-lines, pit cars and water cannon operations, pump controls, precision GPS to monitor equipment position and shovel swing rate. The network also enables proper re-grading of the area as part of the post-ming reclamation process.

“As a truly agnostic integrator, Vislink Services seeks the optimal solutions for our clients,” noted Vislink Services President Christopher Gibbons. “There are plenty of outdoor access point providers in the market, but only Rajant offers the dynamic packet routing capability. The BreadCrumbs® are rugged, compact, and offer the flexibility of multiple radios and frequencies, which allows us to tailor the solution to the particular mining requirement.”

“Over the last 20 years, Vislink Services has developed a strong reputation as the leader in services and technology deployments and support,” said Gary Anderson, senior vice president for Rajant. “Their experience and expertise in large scale, complicated integration of wireless solutions is exactly what we were looking for in a global partner. They have great long term relationships with a major part of the industry.”

Rajant offers a proven set of networking solutions for the mining industry, as well as for the military, first responders, municipalities, service providers and broadcasters.