3D Laser Mapping has launched an innovative laser-based mine monitoring solution. SiteMonitor Mobile combines the flexibility of a mobile mapping system with the performance and accuracy of a fixed laser monitoring solution. It is designed to improve site safety and increase production and offers a flexible set up with mine operators able to choose the best configuration for different mines. The system includes the latest laser scanning technology, navigation system and highly advanced mine monitoring software.

SiteMonitor Mobile is a modular system designed to offer a cost effective solution for monitoring the complete scope of mining operations. The laser-scanning unit can be mounted on virtually any type of vehicle, including off road quad bikes often found in the mining operation, as well as for use in static applications. Users of the SiteMonitor Mobile system can select from the latest V-Line range of laser scanners from Riegl choosing either the VZ400 with field accuracies of up to 5mm or the VZ-1000 with a range of up to 1,100 km. Both scanners offer online full-waveform analysis, digital processing and exceptional data capture rates.

SiteMonitor Mobile incorporates a state of the art navigation system based on the one used by 3D Laser Mapping’s revolutionary mobile mapping system StreetMapper. The onboard navigation system includes a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver and a fibre-optic gyro based inertial measurement unit (IMU) to allow tracking of the system’s position.

“In today’s economic climate it is often not possible to focus limited resources on a single area. The flexibility of SiteMonitor Mobile ensures it can be used as a static scanners for areas of high risk or concentrated production but can also be mounted on a vehicle for use at any location around the mine,” commented Dr Graham Hunter, Managing Director of UK based 3D Laser Mapping.

Also included as standard is 3D Laser Mapping’s leading mine monitoring software SiteMonitor and SiteMonitor Volumes. SiteMonitor is used at diamond, gold, platinum, iron and coal mines across the world and analyses the laser scanned data to automatically detects tiny movements in slopes and walls in open pit mines and calculate volume measurements.