3D Laser Mapping has launched a new safety monitoring system that automatically detects tiny movements in slopes and walls in open pit mines. Using advanced laser scanning technology, the modular SiteMonitor 3 system offers extensive user-defined alarm options with remote monitoring over the internet and automated warning emails. SiteMonitor 3 builds on the success of previous SiteMonitor systems that are already in use in diamond, gold, platinum and iron mines across the world.

SiteMonitor 3 can be used with virtually any terrestrial laser scanner giving flexibility in the range, rate and accuracy of scan measurements. It has been designed as a completely flexible laser scanning system that includes configurable software modules to meet individual user’s requirements, plus hardware accessories and a comprehensive service package, including commissioning, training and remote support, making it a complete turnkey solution.

SiteMonitor 3 includes seven individual modules allowing users to tailor the package to meet their own requirements. For example, a basic installation may include a single scanning unit used to capture geo-referenced scan data, compensate for atmospheric conditions, export to other software packages and repeat for comparison. More advanced solutions include modules for ‘monitoring’ with automatic comparison of scan data to detect displacement, ‘stop and go’ mobile module with a link to GPS receiver for repositioning of the scanning device and ‘volumes’ for the calculation and maintenance of stockpile and open pit volumes.

In addition to the new modular software package, SiteMonitor 3 includes a range of new functionality based on feedback from existing users in the field. Improved slope monitoring features include user-definable alarm areas with selectable thresholds of specific areas within the monitoring range, warning emails when new data is received from within the alarm area and adaptive scan intervals allowing user-configurable scan rates for different areas within the monitoring zone.

SiteMonitor 3 also includes advanced data management functionality with automatic duplication of monitoring data to a remote computer for continuous monitoring projects, a batch file processing feature for data back up and export of data in a RiScanPro format for use with Riegl laser scanners.

“This new version of SiteMonitor combines many years of development and real world experience into a single, configurable solution,” commented Dr Graham Hunter, managing director of 3D Laser Mapping. “By defining functionality and performance within each module users are only paying for what they need.”