Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) launched its new patent pending Body Lifting System with its inclusion in a HiVol® Body designed for a Cat 797B haul truck. Safety is paramount in life and in business; to that end, the engineers at PHIL have invented a safer alternative to the standard lifting points traditionally built into the sides of off-highway truck bodies in a way that is certain to revolutionize industrywide design. The end result: a simple, safe process that will not weaken body components over time, provides
structural benefits, requires minimal maintenance and takes less time end effort during the rigging processes.

The company stated, “Safety is involved in every product sold, engineered and manufactured by PHIL, so when
we see an opportunity to improve upon an industry best-practice, we take advantage of the opportunity and
do our best to innovate – not for the sake of innovation, but as a mission to
improve upon a practice that can be done safer, easier, at less cost and effort
to the end user. This past winter, as we were custom designing a truck body
for a Cat 797B chassis for a client in Canada, the thought struck us: ‘why are
end users having to weld temporary lifting eyes on the inside of their bodies
when they need to put them on or take them off the chassis?’ From a safety standpoint, it’s common
knowledge that lifting holes in body sides can become fatigued over time, depending on whether or not a
shovel has hit them accidentally or other trauma have occurred.”

In working on this problem, PHIL came up with a solution that allows an end user to place removable ‘lifting
eyes’ through the floor structure of the body, attach a shackle and lift the body from the interior, thus reducing
overhead height clearance required when putting on or removing a box from the truck. The Lifting Eye is
keyed into the floor structure in such a way that similar fatigue as experienced from the side lifting holes
would not be present after even a considerable amount of time and multiple uses, thereby allowing this
mechanism to be a safe alternative for lifting the body throughout its life. The decision has also been made
within Philippi-Hagenbuch that all future bodies designed and built for trucks of 100 short tons capacity and
greater will receive the new body lifting system as a standard, no charge option.

Established in 1969, Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. is the premier supplier of custom off-highway haulage solutions,
based out of Peoria, IL with equipment in more than 30 countries around the world. For over 40 years PHIL
has been known for their innovative design and construction methods, attention to detail and their total
commitment to customers needs. For more information about Philippi-Hagenbuch or licensing
opportunities for this product, please visit their website.