Mine Radio Systems (MRS), the global leader in advanced integration of communication and safety solutions for confined spaces, has announced that AngloGold Ashanti Brasil Mineracao has completed the installation of the MRS Centrian high-speed data connectivity solution in Mina do

MRS, along with its value-added partner Eletron Eletricidade Telecomunicacoes, is extremely excited as this is the first Centrian installation in Brazil.

“We are excited about this installation,” said Ken Morrell, president, MRS. “We take pride in every project and deployment we complete around the world. Our goal is to help operators like AngloGold to increase safety, productivity and profitability in their operations with use of the latest technology available.”

Mina do Lamego required an advanced communications solution for voice and data on an already stretched budget.

“We needed to work closely with them to make sure we
were able to comply with all their application needs. We faced two major constraints, the solution needed to fit into their already stretched budget and it needed to
have future expansion capabilities,” explains Cindy Chesney GM, MRS Canada.

Combining the MRS Centrian solution with its standard voice interface head-end accomplished the initial application requirements. Future expansion of the system to
use high-speed data can be easily accomplished by simply changing the head-end to MRS Centrian (CMTS) head-end. Once switched over to the Centrian head-end, Mina do
Lamego can effortlessly increase its safety offerings by adding the MRS Helian asset monitoring solution for personnel and vehicles.

“We don’t want to just install a solution and walk away, we want to install a solution that meets their needs but can easily be upgraded without any production loss or system down-time. We are about building relations,” concluded Chesney.