VISTA Training, Inc. (Waterford, WI, USA), a leading provider of safety training resources to the mining industry, recently released TruckLogic™, an innovative new haul truck operator training curriculum. It is designed to help mines to train new haul truck operators faster, at a lower cost, and more effectively than traditional instructor-led training, while also improving safety in the mine. This new web-based curriculum is the first of its kind in the mining industry.

TruckLogic combines web-based training, simulation and on-the-job tools into a comprehensive curriculum that is designed with adult learners in mind. Based on a blended learning model, it helps operators to retain what they’ve learned better than traditional classroom-style training.

“Mines often use instructor-led training with PowerPoint slides to convey critical safety procedures, introduce the truck’s controls and train operators to perform key tasks productively. A large body of research shows that this approach isn’t very effective with adult learners, because they often don’t retain knowledge delivered in this way,” explains VISTA CEO Bruce Rabe.

He continued, “A more comprehensive, blended learning curriculum significantly improves retention. That means mines don’t have to spend as much time retraining people in the field which, in turn, helps them to minimize lost production.”

VISTA’s new TruckLogic curriculum includes three modules of computer-based training, that are designed to train new operators in basic truck operation, dumping a load and loading the truck. Sixteen lessons containing over 1,200 screens of interactive, multimedia-enhanced content provide in-depth training in basic operating principles, best practices and potential problem scenarios. Embedded check your knowledge quizzes measure what each student has learned; test results can be stored in a learning management system and used to tailor coaching to each trainee.

Additional tools reinforce learning

A PC-based, cost effective, enhanced simulator from VISTA helps trainees gain experience in the core skills of operating a mining truck productively, in a safe environment. Simulator modules reinforce the principles trainees learn in the training curriculum. Data generated from the simulator can be used to provide individualized coaching.

As trainees learn truck operation skills in the training modules and truck simulations, a series of structured on-the-job ride-along activities help them to apply what they have learned when they transition to operating an actual haul truck.

Coaching guides help field trainers to structure the curriculum’s on-the-job activities; these printed materials also include space for recording operator assessments and notes. Checklists provide documentation that the trainee has successfully completed each on-the-job exercise.

“This new model of learning transforms trainers into coaches, who can provide more one-on-one attention and corrective feedback to trainees. That results in better trained operators who are well equipped to meet the mine’s production targets and can operate safely,” Rabe added.

Machine-specific training tools

VISTA’s TruckLogic haul truck operator training curriculum provides a base level of training for new operators. Mines can build upon this foundation with VISTA’s machine-specific training modules and on-the-job training (OJT) materials that provide training for specific models of haul trucks.

Laminated on-the-job training materials are also available to help operators to apply what they have learned in the product-specific training modules. Operators can carry these durable guides in the truck cab with them and can refer to them as needed, long after the training is over.

For more information about VISTA’s TruckLogic haul truck operator training curriculum, please visit the company website.