In November, we were in Chile at the office and visiting some customers with our new partner Jacol who will be our representative in amongst others Chile, Mexico and Ecuador.

We were introduced to a warm and friendly team which was enthusiastic to start working with Alia Instruments. It was just recently that we were able to add Jacol to our team of representatives, however, due to an already planned visit in Latin America we were able to perform a fast kick off in their brand new office.

Jacol is a family owned company with a rich history. Founded in 1938, the company has developed a portfolio of answers for its clients, with pumping and filtration solutions for amongst others the mining industry in Chile, positioning itself as the experts in the field.

Over the years, three generations of the Jacol family led the company that has been permanently serving the market, constantly maintaining a deep dedication to customers. Today, Jacol has a solid position as a supplier of equipment and consultancies with the purpose of granting alternatives, efficiency, profitability and high availability for the needs of each of its clients. Currently, it is an advisory firm that goes to the field, analyzes each case and offers the best solutions, of which of today also comprises the Alia Density Meter.