It provides us with great pleasure to announce that starting mid-2018, Istanbul-based Otkonsas and Alia Instruments have partnered up in order to introduce the non-nuclear Alia Density Meter to the Turkish market.

Otkonsaş Inc. started her journey by importing valves in Karaköy in 1986 which lead to the current instrumentation sales and support company headquartered in Koşuyolu (Istanbul). With an experience of over 30 years, Otkonsaş offers service to Turkish Industry with its 25 employees, five exclusive and more than 20 represented companies.

Otkonsaş Inc. has been able to quickly solve customers’ problems in project follow-up and analysis with its extensive staff of engineers. It is in the process of improving operating facilities and continues to be a solution partner of investors, engineering firms and contractors. Selection, procurement and commissioning of industrial valves demanded by heavy industry are amongst the targets of Otkonsaş and they manifest themselves especially in demanding industrial processes such as Energy, Iron and Steel, Mining, Oil-Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Paint.

With the onboarding of Otkonsas, Alia Instruments fulfilled her wish to partner up with an experienced business partner in one of Europe’s most important industrial areas. For instance, the Alia Density Meter can help to fulfil several tasks in the Turkish the mining industry. They can also be used in the wet mining process, as part of the production meter, where the combination of both flow and density provide valuable data about the efficiency of the dredging process. The meters also perform very well in the slurry streams around dewatering processes in the mining of various metals and minerals.