PrixMax’s next-generation Rim and Tyre Protector (RTP) fluid treatment has been trusted by some of Australia and South-East Asia’s largest mining operators to protect and cool their off-road (OTR) rim and wheel assemblies.

PrixMax RTP is a premium, new technology, environmentally safe fluid formulation that is added to the tyre air chamber to protect rims and wheels from rust, corrosion and scale, reducing tyre failures and allowing for easier tyre demounting while ensuring tyres run significantly cooler during operation.

Just as the enhanced performance offered by PrixMax’s RTP fluid provides more effective and longer-term corrosion protection for wheel and rim assemblies, the environmentally friendly formulation will also reduce workplace handling risks and eliminate the possibility of introducing environmentally unacceptable materials such as nitrites (which are commonly found in convention rim and wheel treatments).

“PrixMax specialises in corrosion inhibitor formulations specifically designed for heavy industrial applications such as those found in mining operations,” says the PrixMax Technical Director based in Melbourne, Victoria.

“The corrosion inhibitor technology package that we have formulated for our Rim & Tyre Protector fluid is designed to keep rims and wheels rust and corrosion free, as well as keeping the inner lining of the tyre clean.  Using the product will also assist in tyre de-mounting through the improved lubricity of the inhibitor formulation.”

“We have had large-scale mining customers using our Rim & Tyre Protector fluids for well over ten years now.  In every case, our products have been proven to keep surfaces completely free from corrosion, rust, scale and pitting with a service life exceeding that of conventional treatments.  Corrosion testing according to ASTM industry standards has demonstrated the exceptional corrosion protection offered for all relevant metal surfaces (particularly steel and cast iron),” says PrixMax’s Technical Director.

PrixMax’s Rim & Tyre Protector fluid range is a key product range in its fluid solutions for the mining industry, in addition to PrixMax’s OEM approved engine coolants and heat transfer fluids.

For further information, visit or download the company’s White Paper “Solutions for the Mining Industry”.