Combining the efficiency of its world-leading Stemming Trucks, with the safety of its durable water trucks, AUSROAD recently commissioned a combination Stemming and Water truck for valued client Ausdrill.

The Queensland mine vehicle manufacturer, who specialises in trucks for open-cut and drill and blast operations, custom-built the vehicle based on Ausdrill’s unique specifications. Designed for use at Middlemount, an open-cut coal mine located north-east of Emerald, Queensland, AUSROAD worked with Ausdrill to ensure the vehicle met the unique needs of this expansive site.

As the Middlemount team wanted to utilise the unit in a drill support role when not required to be actively stemming, Ausdrill discussed their “wish-list” with the Ausroad engineering team and the specification was agreed upon. The truck can be used as a Stemming Truck when needed, and a Water Truck when tasked with Drill Support at other times, ensuring maximum return on investment, safety and efficiency.

AUSROAD’s Stemming Trucks feature up to 26t hopper capacity, and an access hopper hatch allowing safe removal of oversized stemming. This extensive payload reduces movement on the shot, decreasing safety risks and limiting dust. When in use as a Stemming Truck, the vehicle can fill 30 holes to unrivalled accuracy in just 15 minutes, making it the method of choice for leading mining companies like BHP and Rio Tinto.

In addition to these features, the newly commissioned multi-purpose Stemming-Water Truck is fitted with a 2,000l portable water tank, and a 6,000l raw water tank. The water is distributed via a “Pump-out” access connection as well as two rear-mounted water sprays for watering down blast patterns and roads, helping suppress dust. Additionally, a water cannon and high-pressure water pump can be fitted to aid wash down of equipment. This supports uptime and the health of all team members on the shot by reducing inhalation of dangerous particle matter arising from mining operations.

AUSROAD has been building and supplying “Dual-Purpose” trucks for many years, with its entire hire fleet of 27 trucks having Rear Sprayers and “Pump-out” capability to support drilling operations, as well as other plants. Many clients have benefitted from having these innovations built into their Ausroad Stemming trucks. The new unit for Ausdrill has extended these capabilities to help ensure the new asset is working productively 24/7.

This commission is a testament to AUSROAD’s ability to adapt, design and deliver vehicles for clients’ specific site requirements, ensuring customisation at every level for maximum accuracy, efficiency and safety. This helps simplify operations, with extensive handover to develop in-house skills and reduce expenses.

The company’s comprehensive support and dedicated regional maintenance centres ensure trucks are maintained to the highest standard and are back on the shot after servicing as soon as possible for reliable and consistent results. Available for contract or hire, these vehicles come with 24/7 mechanical and administrative support from AUSROAD’S knowledgeable team. Get in touch with us today to discuss how a multi-purpose vehicle like this can be commissioned for your site.