Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC®) will be participating in our first-ever virtual trade show on June 24th through the 26th.  The Virtual Trade Show of the Americas will feature companies from numerous industries and will feature companies in the automotive, agriculture and other industrial markets.

During the show, we will be showcasing our TecsPak® elastomer bumpers. TecsPak® is a highly engineered elastomeric product that absorbs more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known materials and can significantly outperform other materials.  This is due to the fact TecsPak® can absorb energy while the bumper is being compressed.  This feature makes it ten times more durable than rubber and twenty times more durable than urethane.  It is also resistant to many known chemicals and oils. TecsPak® is proprietary to MEPC and its performance cannot be replicated.

Our General Product line started with 68 different models in 1985 and has been expanded to over 269 product offerings since. And there is another line to be introduced in early 2020!

We recognize that, even with this many offerings, there will be applications where we still do not meet all the requirements. For these cases, we have a staff of engineers ready to look at the application, what bumpers were tried and why the performance was not met. We can use this information to provide a custom bumper for specific requirements. Sometimes a solution can be as simple as using an alternate base material or making a small change to the part’s geometry.

MEPC® also offers a wide range of Mining products that include haul truck suspensions, shovel components, wheel chocks and EU-ROLLERS conveyor idlers.  These products provide DEPENDABLE, DURABLE and COST EFFECTIVE performance for your mine.