Miner Elastomer Products Corporation® (MEPC) is excited to be exhibiting at our third Green Industry Expo (GIE) show in Louisville, KY during 16-18 October.

GIE is one of the largest trade shows dedicated to the lawn and garden industry and it has over 20+ acres dedicated to product demonstration. MEPC is a dedicated supplier to the green industry and we look forward to attending GIE every year and seeing our customer’s products in action!

During this show we will be showcasing our TecsPak® general product line which is used on numerous zero turn mowers, UTV’s and other equipment used in the green industry. TecsPak® is ideally suited for the green industry due to it being UV resistant and more durable than steel springs and rubber components. TecsPak® is the hardest working material on the market, because it is 10x more durable than rubber and 20x more durable than urethane. Also, our E-springs offer greater endurance and resilience than steel coiled springs and they typically weigh 60% less!

TecsPak® GBR radial bumpers are commonly used for seat suspensions or riding platforms applications. These products easily fit into the design parameters for your current seating applications and provide a smoother quieter ride. The GBR bumpers can be easily installed with a screw mounting to any surface where the energy of motion needs to be controlled.

TecsPak® GBA and Crane bumpers can be used in the suspension of lawn and garden equipment. These bumpers absorbs shock similarly to the way it works in a car’s suspension and provide isolation in the deck suspension due to their ability to endure a higher load capacities.

If none of our standard products work for your application our design engineers can help you design a custom part for your lawn and garden equipment. With our TecsPak® products we are able to make modifications to the geometry of our products so we can meet your desired performance and keep your design / size envelope in specification.

We look forward to seeing you in Louisville at booth number 12005! Also, to find out more information about TecsPak® and Miner Elastomer Products® please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.