Mining operations are often located in harsh and remote environments where maintaining optimal working conditions is crucial. SBH Solutions offers a comprehensive range of short-wave infrared heating products tailored for the mining and industrial sectors.

These products are designed to address the unique space heating challenges of industry, including mining, by improving efficiency, safety, and comfort in areas such as mining camp outdoor relaxation areas, and depot workstations.  Short-wave infrared heating can also be used for process heating, such as spot heating valves and warming grease cabinets to keep productivity on target.

Addressing Critical Challenges in the Mining Operation Areas

Our short-wave infrared heaters excel in delivering efficient and effective spot heat precisely where it is needed. With an impressive radiant efficiency rating, these heaters convert up to 92% of energy into comforting warmth. Short-wave infrared is the heating of the future designed to heat only what is needed with minimal wastage:

  • Mining Camps and Living Quarters: Ensuring comfortable living conditions for workers in remote and harsh environments.
  • Workstations: Maintaining optimal temperatures at workstations to enhance productivity and prevent cold-related disruptions.
  • Maintenance Depots: Creating a controlled environment for the maintenance and repair of tools and machinery.
  • Outdoor Work Areas: Delivering spot heating in exposed environments to keep workers warm and productive.
  • High IP Rating and Hazardous Areas: Providing safe heating solutions where high Ingress Protection ratings are required, or for Ex Zones 2 and 22 where ATEX certification is required.
  • Equipment Enclosures: Maintaining temperatures inside rooms or containers housing grease pumping equipment.
  • Valves: Providing spot heating of crucial valves to prevent clogging or seizure at critical moments.

Key Features of SBH Solutions Short Wave Infrared Heater Solutions

  • Efficient Targeted Warmth even in Windy Conditions: Short-wave infrared heating technology allows you to concentrate heat only in the areas that need it. It will instantly form a ‘comfortable heat zone’, resilient to disruptions caused by air currents or open doors, making it an ideal solution to replace gas-fired blowers or other electric elements. This means heat does not drift away, even in windy conditions, maintaining a consistently warm environment. This innovative approach effectively addresses the issue of heat loss and wasted energy, ensuring consistent warmth in designated areas while cutting energy bills and reducing company carbon emissions.
  • Patented Reflector Maximises Heat Projection: The unique design of our heaters provides wider coverage, with a 2000W heater capable of heating up to 20m². This ensures extensive warmth with the least possible energy consumption.
  • Instant Full Power within 1 Second: Our heaters reach full power within one second of being switched on, eliminating wasted energy on pre-heating. This instant heat delivery is perfect for the dynamic needs of mining operations.
  • Long-Life InFraCaLoR® Halogen Lamps: Equipped with halogen lamps that have up to 7000 hours of life (up to 5000 hours when behind glass), our heaters promise low maintenance costs and long-lasting performance. Lamps can be replaced to ensure heaters last for many years.
  • All Heaters Are Fully Tested: All our short-wave infrared heaters are designed by the global leader, European manufacturer Star Progetti. All products have undergone necessary tests to verify safety and reliability.

Are you looking for a solution to enhance the efficiency and safety of your mining operations this winter? Contact us today to learn more about our innovative short wave infrared heating solutions and how they can boost productivity in your mining operations.