The METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds – Round 4 is focused on accelerating the adoption of analytics, automation and robotics into Australian METS and Mining to grow Australian businesses and create more jobs in domestic supply chains.
METS companies are invited to collaborate with each other to deliver projects harnessing new and disruptive technologies with maximum impact to industry.

Round four requirements:

  • Minimum of three METS companies collaborating
  • Minimum of one end-user (mining company, system integrator or OEM) providing matched funding
  • Project theme – Analytics, automation or robotics technology
  • Must have near-term commercial application

International business opportunities

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Cross-sector collaboration event

METS Ignited is piloting clustering activities in Queensland to increase cross-sectoral collaboration and accelerate the pace and impact of innovation and rates of commercialisation in the fields of robotics and automation, digital and data analytics, tailings and mine affected water.

International Clustering expert Ifor Ffowcs-Williams is in Brisbane next Tuesday (9 July) to discuss the value of bringing together businesses of complementary expertise to lower operating costs and produce higher quality solutions.

Register for this exclusive event featuring international clustering success stories.