Following two years of successful co-operation in the UK, we are excited to announce Imerys and MachineMax have agreed a global rollout programme, bringing our revolutionary equipment management platform to 11 countries around the world.

MachineMax CEO Amit Rai said: “We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Imerys. They were one of our first customers when we started this journey and their support has been key in our product development.

“Imerys has a wealth of operational knowledge and together with our analytical and design capabilities we are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of how data can improve operations, delivering benefits both at the site level as well as globally.”

MachineMax Strategy Manager Jennifer Thomson comments: “Having the Imerys management team involved in the project, along with site feedback from early adopters, such as mobile plant managers Ed Buscombe and Alfie Johns, has ensured we can take a user-centric approach to design, making life easier for the teams on the ground whilst delivering on continuous improvement goals.

“This project is really exciting for us as we can change the way in which the industry currently operates by using data to make immediate decisions which have a tangible business impact. We have learnt a lot from the Imerys team and look forward to co-creating products which will solidify Imerys’ place in the market.”

MachineMax VP Mining & Resource Planning Rob Heinrich says: “The simplicity and flexibility of the MachineMax device are what initially attracted Imerys, as it can be used on machinery of all types and ages. On the basis of a very successful pilot project that continues to deliver value to our fleet managers, we are now rolling out the MachineMax solution globally.

“We are pleased to be partnering with such an innovative company and are looking forward to further developing the information and savings that can be obtained.”