MachineMax and Fiix have announced a new partnership that sees the two software providers teaming up to integrate data from onboard telematics with CMMS software.

The integration between MachineMax— an equipment management platform for heavy equipment usersand Fiix— the leading maintenance management platform, enables decisions to be made in real-time, using the most up-to-date and accurate data. These data-driven decisions will improve machine reliability while decreasing maintenance expenditure.

“This partnership between MachineMax and Fiix is great. The two products are very complementary with one main objective— to increase asset productivity and decrease operating costs by making data-driven decisions,” says Roberto Carton, Head of Sales, MachineMax.

The joint offering helps customers digitalise their fleets and the respective maintenance processes, eliminating paper-based tasks and manual data inputs. Making data-driven decisions on maintenance minimises the risk of over or under maintaining equipment. This leads to improved scheduling accuracy and thousands of dollars saved in breakdowns, as a result of incorrect maintenance. This automated process is scalable, ensures real-time insights, eliminates human error, reduces admin time and costs.

“We’re excited to partner with MachineMax to close the loop between fleet telematics and maintenance for heavy equipment. By tapping into advanced Industry 4.0 capabilities, teams will be able to capture quality data, put best practices into place, improve asset performance and save money,” says James Novak, CEO of Fiix.