Worker safety and hazard mitigation is a constant challenge in underground mines and although modern mines are much better equipped for safety, accidents can still happen when large moving machinery such as automated longwall systems are involved.

State regulators recommend that mine sites should have a robust safety plan for NO-Go Zones around the BSL and maingate area of the longwall, including safe access and operational procedures.

In a proactive effort to address the issue, two QLD mines are currently testing the Nautitech solution offering triggered lighting to mitigate hazardous situations along the Longwall while the shearer is in operation:

  • Lights are WHITE during safe operations
  • Lights turn RED during a maingate advance

The Nautitech solution can be fully automated using IS output from the DCB/PLC. Required components:

  • Nautitech CUBEx PSM (Power Supply Module) CX004
  • Nautitech CUBEx LIM (Light Interface Module) CX035
  • Nautitech CUBEx IS Light CX200-004

As mining companies strive to increase productivity through automation, simple solutions such as automated triggered lighting that provides a visual warning to personnel in areas where potential hazards are high could be essential.