Global Job Solutions know that installing and implementing new software can be a daunting prospect and accordingly have put a lot of effort in providing you with ways to make your introduction to Job Commander job costing software as easy as possible.

  • Most accounting systems have the ability to export customer and supplier names and addresses into a spreadsheet. Our smart software will access this information, import it into the Job Commander system along with inventory where an exported file is available
  • The support team is available to work closely with you to identify the preferred method to break down the cost centres of your business. Once these have been identified the team member enters the information into the system for you
  • You provide information on employee names and rates, which we validate and enter into the system
  • Up to three of your quote templates will be set up as suitable Microsoft Word documents

Once the steps above have been successfully completed, Job Commander will be ready for entry of your current jobs in progress, into the job costing system.

At this stage, your data will be fixed, ready for training to begin using your own specific information. Experience has shown us that this is the quickest and easiest way for new users to begin taking advantage of the many benefits of Job Commander job costing software.

Your Job Commander purchase includes three months unlimited internet training from date of purchase. A trainer will view your PC screen and take you step-by-step through each module, even assist you to get your current work in progress into the system.