An advanced Key Management system that tracks the movement of keys in buildings and facilities to ensure security is at the highest level.

With it’s user-friendly interface it can be configured to suit different business and security needs. Customers can select from a wide range of Smart Key Cabinets to best suit their requirements. iKLAS Key Management System ranges from 12 keys to 252 keys in a single AIO (All-In-One) cabinet, providing users with ease of setting up and installation.

There are many featured highlights to the iKlas Electronic Key Management system, including stand-alone secured network setup, no Internet connection required, and no software installation is required. The tamper evident window is used to locate unreturned keys at a glance, there is a built-in camera for access tracking and an RFID tag reader for easy identification of key slot upon return. The RFID key tags come in a variety of colours for easy classification.

The system has a smart card reader with optional biometric authentication, tamper evident stainless-steel rings/cable seals, an LED indicator for identification of key-position status, and an optional GSM Modem to generate SMS alerts.

There are two user types:

  • Single user- one person to draw key(s)
  • Multi-User- an additional one or two people to escort/draw key(s).

There are three access modes:

  • Standard- cabinet door unlocked upon authentication success, free to draw/return authorised key.
  • Select Key- decide the specific key to be drawn/returned before cabinet door unlocked
  • Withdraw and return- decide to draw or return key(s) before cabinet door unlocked.

Two key-tag return options:

  • Standard Slot- RFID key-tag must be returned to the delegated cabinet
  • RFID slot Free Slot- RFID Key-tag can be returned to any RFID slot dynamically.

So why should you use the iKlas Electronic Key Management system?

  • Security: It has the ability to grant access 24/7, even in power down mode to secure data and assets.
  • Accountability: It creates effective control to track keys with real time monitoring, audit trail, and reports for management.
  • Productivity: By using the system an organisation can reduce administrative work for signing in/out keys.
  • Cost Savings: Organisations using iKlas Key Management have also reported reduced operational costs and reduced unnecessary stress due to lost keys and change of locks.