Tyres are one of the most significant costs for mining operations. The cost of tyre ownership cannot be understated and as such tyres must be preserved. An effective repair program reduces investment in new tyres, can increase overall mean tyre life and minimises the volume of scrap waste.

Hot vulcanization is the chemical process in which soft rubber, via the application of heat and pressure over time, becomes solid and durable.

Once damaged rubber is replaced, the hole on the inner liner is covered with a patch. The repair is then cured in place using the Monaflex system:

  • Perfect conformity – The Monaflex system is designed to faithfully match the contours of the tyre to ensure consistent and targeted application of heat and pressure across the repair
  • Flexibility – The flexible nature of the components ensures no repair distortion (as sometimes seen when using mechanical spotters). Perfect, feather-edged repairs every time!
  • Simultaneous internal and external heat and pressure ensures each repair is affected quickly and effectively

The finished vulcanised rubber is in fact even stronger than the original rubber and has improved abrasion resistance qualities.

Laboratory testing shows heat cure vulcanizing produces more than four times the adhesion strength of a chemical cure.