Our Heat Pads, as with all Monaflex products, are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

They provide consummate flexibility and incomparable durability. Multiple layers of reinforced heavy-duty, yet lightweight fabric prevents distortion of the Heat Pad while providing maximum protection of the element wire.

Notwithstanding the precise engineering, finest quality raw materials and first-class manufacturing processes, the longevity of any product depends on how it is used and maintained. 

Maximise the longevity of your Monaflex Heat Pads by following our best practice guide.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Consult your application chart to ensure you have the correct size heat pad for the tyre segment you are working with
  • Double-check the heat pad will sufficiently cover the repair
  • Always liberally apply talc powder on both sides of the heat pad prior to use
  • Pre heat pads to 50ºC before inflating the airbags
  • Position the heat pad as instructed on the label i.e. the label side goes against the tyre side against the tyre with the arrows pointing towards the bead
  • Always pack out tyre lugs with suitable filler before installing the outside heat pad in the tread area. Multi-use tread void fillers are recommended and available from Monaflex
  • Store unused Heat Pads flat in a dry, temperate environment


  • Don’t lift the heat pads by the leads as this causes unnecessary strain on the element wire
  • Do not position the heat pad higher than the bead as the bead will cut into the pad
  • Only use Monaflex products, (cylinder airbags, flat airbags, control panels) with Monaflex heat pads to ensure optimum cures.