The Job Commander global job support system has been developed to ensure that your Job Commander, job costing system, operates smoothly and efficiently and that your downtime is negligible.

In short, it gives you peace of mind.

The software maintenance agreement consists of a flexible support plan tailored to suit your business needs. Internet support and personalised service form a support framework designed to keep your Job Commander, job costing system, functioning smoothly.

The Global Job Solutions support system gives you the facility to contact our support centre and to access qualified support staff for prompt resolution of any issues. Network malfunctions, problems caused by third party software and data recovery where a valid backup is not available, are not covered by this support plan but are charged for at a support customer rate.

Global support software maintenance also ensures that you receive at least one major program update per year.

Global Support Software Maintenance Agreements Include:

  • Priority Support Service
  • Guaranteed four hour response time Monday to Friday during business hours, Central Standard Time
  • One Major Program Update Per Year
  • Regular product information updates
  • Regular Courtesy Calls
  • Free modem access for resolution of software issues
  • Discount training rates
  • Discount rate for assistance with general PC problems

Global Support Pay As You Go Agreements

  • Services provided under Global support software maintenance agreements are also available to pay as you go customers, the differences being price structures and payment methods
  • Major Program Updates charged per release
  • Support calls charged per incidence and on a time basis
  • Charges will apply after service provided, regardless of the nature of the support call.
  • Charges will of course not apply if the support proves to be as a direct result of software non-performance
  • Four-hour response time Monday to Friday during business hours CAST
  • Support charge payment may be required prior to commencement of support calls