DataProphet, a leader in AI that enables manufacturers to step towards autonomous manufacturing, has been awarded the 2020 European Prescriptive for Autonomous Manufacturing Technology Innovation Leadership Award by international research firm Frost & Sullivan.

For DataProphet, this is the fourth prestigious international recognition in a row as the company has also been named a 2019 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, received the AIconics Award for Innovation in Deep Learning and was recognised by CBInsights as one of 100 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups 2020. This award is a further testament to DataProphet as a thought leader in the field of AI for manufacturing as well as the benefit DataProphet’s AI solutions bring to customers across numerous verticals. But even further it is a testament to the quality of technical skills at DataProphet.

The Technology Innovation Leadership Award recognizes companies that lead the development and successful introduction of high-tech solutions for customers’ most pressing needs and alters the industry or business landscape in the process. Companies such as these shape the future of technology and its uses. Success is measured by the degree to which a technology is leveraged and the impact it has on growing the business.

Dr Michael Grant, CTO of DataProphet, highlights the broad number of industries DataProphet’s PRESCRIBE system has had uplift upon iron foundries, Aluminum die casters, long steel and Aluminum rolling mills, plastic injection moulding and mineral processing. Grant adds “our clients are achieving uplift that exceeds any classical approaches tried previously, and we’re consistently discovering complex interdependencies that were only previously described anecdotally and were poorly understood. We’ve managed to build an abstracted self-consistent system that is readily applicable to many different manufacturing processes.”

Sankara Narayanan, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan says: “DataProphet’s technology focuses on self-directed feedback, arrives at sophisticated AI-driven analysis, proactively provides optimal prescriptive recommendations to machine operators, and automates the next best action for operators, without depending on experts or data scientists.”

DataProphet CEO and co-founder Frans Cronje adds: “It’s a wonderful achievement to be acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan for this award, once again reaffirming that the development & introduction of our AI Suite is a solution that is shaping the future of technology.”

DataProphet’s PRESCRIBE, a prescriptive Expert Execution system powered by AI, helps accelerate the journey towards autonomous manufacturing. By automating the next best action for operators, PRESCRIBE guides manufacturers instead of just assisting them in optimization analysis. The solution renders unmatched customer value as machine operators can now make the necessary process parameter changes, preemptively avoid defects, scraps, and errors, and maximize yield in their production process.

With the recently announced $6 million capital investment for DataProphet, the company aims to continue to be a pioneer for artificial intelligence in manufacturing and guide manufacturers on their journey towards autonomous manufacturing.