Fabric shelter manufacturer DomeShelter Australia has exported its first order for container mounted fabric structures to Argentina.

The unique dome-shaped shelter is the first order delivered to the South American continent and represents a milestone for the companies export strategy.

Exporting is not however new for the company. Their shelters are installed on mining and industrial sites in 26 countries around the world, but Argentina is a new market and presents exciting opportunities for growth.

As with most companies exposed to the Australian mining sector, DomeShelter Australia saw a downturn in business in 2016 and has beefed up its export strategy to shockproof the company against cyclical economic events.

A key feature of the DomeShelter Australia Shelters is their ability to pack down for transport to anywhere in the world via sea container and then be installed quickly and easily by client’s own teams.

Fabricated at the company’s Western Australian facilities, the Argentinian order for two Fabric Shelters were packed in kit form into a single 40ft sea container and exported via Fremantle port.

These shelters are visually impressive, so once installed more orders are expected to follow as key people get to view them. Already a number of inquiries have been received.

DomeShelter Australia has been designing and manufacturing Fabric Shelter solutions for over 20 years and is considered one of the worlds leading suppliers.

Their shelters are fast becoming accepted as an alternative to traditional steel sheds by many of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies who typically use them for workshops, warehouses, and materials storage.