The huge DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures at Sun Metals in Townsville, Queensland are amongst some of Australia’s greatest shelters.

At 30m wide and 85m long, the two shelters sit side by side on 42 40ft containers, making them two of the largest shelters built in the country.

From order to installation, the process of commissioning the shelters took just two months. That’s over 5,000m2 of shelter, manufactured, delivered and installed in the short time-frame required by the client.

The DomeShelter team pulled out all the stops to make it happen as one of the key features of a DomeShelter Fabric Structure is the speed with which they can be supplied and installed.

Even at their huge size, the shelters are built to withstand Category C cyclonic wind-speeds of up to 230kph, in accordance with the Australian Wind Code for the Townsville region.

The containers are weighted with soil ballast, alleviating the need for structural footings, therefore making it quicker and easier to relocate when required.

DomeShelter Australia can supply a standard sized Fabric Shelter within weeks or sometimes even days of order, delivering it to the site anywhere across Australia. They also export to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.