MachineMax is excited to announce we have partnered with Explore Plant and Transport Solutions and here Chris Gatheridge, Explore’s Head of Plant Operations North, explains what he’s hoping to achieve.

“In a growing digital age, we are seeing frequent advances in technology which are transforming the landscape of the construction industry. Explore Plant and Transport Solutions prides itself as being a forward-thinking and progressive company, adapting and implementing new technologies to help further improve the transport and plant hire services that we provide to our customers.

“As many of you may have seen teased across our social channels, we are pleased to formally announce our latest partnership with MachineMax. Established when Royal Dutch Shell and Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures joined forces, MachineMax provides an in-depth equipment management platform that centralises incoming asset data and delivers real-time analytics.

“At Explore we have always seen the value of putting data in the hands of our customers and understand the benefits that it can bring to the construction industry. However, the challenge has always been about how we align all the data from our specialist equipment providers and present that to our customers in one seamless platform.

“Originally, we created an internal dashboard using an ‘off the shelf’ analytics package, but this could only get us so far. After receiving feedback from our customers, and monitoring the new emerging technologies in the market, we identified a unique opportunity to further develop our analytics service. We jumped at the chance to work with MachineMax, combining their data management expertise with our extensive plant experience.”

Making informed decisions from meaningful data

“By providing a web-based platform, be that on a desktop or mobile device, our aim is to provide leading contractors with global perspectives of their sites, detailing all the equipment they have on hire from Explore Plant and Transport Solutions. We want to empower our customers to understand their levels of productivity by highlighting excessive idling as well as other key environmental parameters, with the ultimate aim of identifying capacity to rebalance equipment across their projects.

Explore Plant and Transport Solutions have always looked for the best ways to support our customers, and during these unprecedented economic times, it is especially key that we support our core industries. The implementation of our new analytics dashboard will also help firms to reduce their hire periods. We understand that this goal is somewhat controversial, but we are doing this as we feel it provides greater value for money and supports our customers in reducing their operational costs.

Our new centralised analytics dashboard will be available to all customers and not limited by project size. For more information on our partnership with MachineMax or for a full breakdown of the benefits that our new dashboard can bring, speak to a member of our specialist team by emailing”

Our Partnership

As a business, Explore felt that partnering with MachineMax aligned closely with their vision and values. The implementation process has been streamlined from start to finish, with any potential issues resolved quickly and efficiently. Both companies view this partnership as a long-term collaboration which will help push the boundaries on how analytics data is perceived and used in the construction industry.

‍Lee Yates, Operations Director at Explore Plant and Transport Solutions: “The implementation of our new centralised analytics dashboard will help allow our customers to make more informed decisions through real-time data and analysis.

“The MachineMax partnership we are announcing today has been an exciting experience, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in changing the way analytics data is used in the industry.”

Amit Rai, CEO at Machinemax: “It has been a pleasure working with Explore, who like MachineMax, offer cutting edge technology solutions to their customers not only to differentiate themselves but also to shift the industry expectation of what is table stakes vs. market differentiating.

“We look forward to a long-term partnership to push the industry standards even further and help the UK construction sector become more productive, safer, and efficient.”

Shweta Saxena, CPO at Machinemax: “Explore has been amazing to work with, they were heavily involved in the design phase, contributing great ideas based off their in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of their customer’s needs. They have a strong vision and passion for technology, which has resulted in a solution which is core to their operations and forms a good base for future expansion.

“I have no doubt that this platform will benefit their customers. I am looking forward to a long-term collaborative partnership where together we help define industry best practice.

Both Explore Plant and Transport Solutions and MachineMax are conscious about their carbon footprint and environmental impact through the services they provide. Therefore, to help mark our partnership we are proud to announce that for each machine tracked via our platform, we will be offsetting its carbon through working with a leading provider to replenish mangroves in Madagascar.