EU-ROLLER conveyor idler rollers are more cost-effective, durable, and energy-efficient than traditional conveyor belt rollers. Their superior performance means reduced downtime due to failure and cost-saving over the life of the conveyor. EU-ROLLERS use quality bearings chosen to meet the requirements of any loading or transporting application.

EU-ROLLERS are built to protect and provide longevity to your conveyor belt application. EU-ROLLERS does this through our proven patented bearing cap and seal design which contains specials seals. This design makes them perfect for harsh mining environments. EU-ROLLERS are also designed to meet the CEMA 502-2016 standard.

These design features allow the rollers to work in extreme operating conditions. An example of one of these extreme operating conditions that EU-ROLLERS excels in is below:

EU-ROLLERS can be purchased in three different models (standard, impact and picking idler). Each of these different models has unique properties that will help optimize your conveyor application.

For example, the Standard and Anti-Seize rollers offer the following benefits for your conveyor application:

  • High resistance to wear
  • No damage to the belt
  • Non-corrosive roller body
  • Very low friction
  • Long bearing life
  • Lesser mass of the roller
  • Saving on start-up costs
  • Very low noise pollution
  • Shock-resistant bearing cover
  • Eco-friendly

While the Impact and Pickling Idlers have the following benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Higher resistance to wear
  • Corrosion-resistant roller body
  • Longer bearing life
  • Lighter mass of the roller

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