Intelligent positioning solutions provider Position Partners to distribute Soil Instruments’ geotechnical sensor range for specialised monitoring applications throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Soil Instruments designs and manufactures a wide range of geotechnical monitoring instruments that are used to detect variations in pressure, strain, settlement, or other parameters in deformation monitoring scenarios.

“Position Partners has worked with Soil Instruments’ product range for 18 months for specific projects that have required specialised sensors,” said Andrew Jones, Monitoring Marketing Development Manager at Position Partners.

“Soil Instruments has an excellent reputation amongst engineers and geotechnical specialists for their high-quality monitoring products,” he added.

“Their range expands our monitoring solution portfolio, providing customers a more efficient technical and commercial offering,” he added.

For almost 60 years, Soil Instruments has manufactured geotechnical sensors that have been used in major civil engineering projects around the world. The Soil Instrument range includes strain gauges used to measure micro deformation in concrete and steel, for example. Piezometers have also been used on recent tailings dam projects to measure pore pressure inside embankments. Any fluctuation in pressure after heavy rain or a potential wall leak could be a precursor to failure and therefore early warnings are imperative to manage risk effectively.

“We are pleased to announce our agreement with Position Partners, a company that has years of experience in successfully delivering and supporting monitoring solutions for mining, renewable energy and infrastructure projects,” said David Welch, Sales and Marketing Manager from Soil Instruments.

Position Partners utilises Soil Instruments sensors in conjunction with Senceive wireless Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring solutions. Soil Instruments products connect seamlessly with Senceive wireless nodes, which transmit monitoring data to a centralised web-based platform for reporting and customised alerts.