Weather is a factor that every business has to consider and allow for. There is no industry unaffected by it in some shape or form.

The three key areas where money is lost due to bad weather are:

  1. Lost time
  2. Damaged goods
  3. Staff retention

These three critical factors contribute to businesses going out of business every day. In order to survive, a company has to analyse their weaknesses and put a plan in place to remedy them, and that’s where owning a Zappshelter helps.

We have supplied and installed Zappshelters for the obvious industries, such as construction and plant hire. Being outdoor trades, the weather-impact is significant. The biggest single complaint from plant hire managers in the UK in January 2016 was the inability to retain fitters and mechanics. Given a choice of working under cover or in the open yard, they will move to the covered option, even for a little less money. Health and well-being has a big part to play here, and the misery of lying in muddy puddles under a filthy, wet machine isn’t to be underestimated.

The less obvious sectors who benefit from Zappshelter include the storage, warehousing and transport industries. Not only do products need to be kept dry (such as timber, biomass pellets, coal and aggregates), but there is a growing environmental concern surrounding dust in the atmosphere and chemicals leaking into the waterways. In addition, with the increasing cost of building, Zappshelters are being used extensively for increasing storage, de-vanning, loading and unloading.

More industries are increasingly using Zappshelter, however, the benefits are the same for any business: more undercover space, erected rapidly and cost-effectively. Furthermore, if you move, you can take your shelter with you or, as your needs change, you re-position elsewhere on the site.

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